What's On Tap?

Pale Ales and IPA’s


Half Nelson

Australian IPA 6.6%
This beer will put your taste buds in a chokehold until they’re seeing stars.  Australia’s own Nelson Sauvin is the main player for this brew and gets complimented by the most flavorful American citrus hops to help bring out as much flavor as possible.  Easy to drink but hard to share, get your own before they leave this world.  


American Pale Ale 6.2%
Our trademark beer.  An all citra beer that’s vigorously hopped and seriously good.  We throw as many hops as we can into this one to make the flavors and aromas jump right out of the glass.

Grapefruit Nelson

Australian IPA 6.6%
The same Half Nelson beer with a splash of fresh grapefruit.  Super refreshing and undeniably good.

Quyet Ryet

Rye IPA 9%

A beast of a rye beer with piney, danky and citrus notes that’s still incredibly crisp, flavorful and super drinkable.  Drink this one with friends and be sure to throw on some 80’s hair band music while you’re at it!


Belgian Pale 7.4%

A bastard beer at it’s best.  Belgian malts mixed with some Belgian yeast topped with some Australian hops and you get, Topanga.  An incredibly drinkable and flavorful Belgian Pale Ale, with hints of apricot, mangoes and banana.  It brings all the best aspects of both, and puts them together in perfect harmony.



Chubby Chaser

Bacon and Bourbon Imperial Stout 11%

Who says bacon doesn’t belong in a beer? Not us.  This beer has a half pound of maple fried and hickory smoked bacon in each 5 gallon batch along with a pint of bourbon and some smooth Hungarian oak to keep this beer as drinkable as it is.

Zen 'n Juice

New England IPA 6.3%

Imagine a IPA with so much and such unique flavor you have to give it its own new category and that would be the NE style IPA.  Hazy, hoppy, smooth and so juicy you’ll never believe we don’t have any fruit in this recipe.

Foxy Grandpa

Cream Stout 7.1%

Who doesn’t love a foxy grandpa, especially one this smooth.  You’ll swear its got espresso and chocolate in it, but its all in the grains!  One of our favorites and a customer favorite too!



Belgian Double Pilsner

Belgian Double Pilsner 7.5% 

A double pilsner with the slightest hint of the Belgian yeast that fermented it.  Super smooth, dry, drinkable and perfect for the upcoming spring.


Colonel Angus

4.8% California Common

Mild, malty and drinkable.  A craft lager first made in 1849 by Californians supporting the gold miners with brews.

The Schmitts

7.1% Coffee, Chocolate and Peanut Butter Porter

Coffee, check.  Chocolate, check.  Peanut butter, check!  Some of the average Americans three favorite things wrapped into our #1 favorite thing, beer.  You’re welcome.


Smokehouse Porter

Smoked Porter 6.3% 

A smooth smoked porter to keep ya warm in these winter months.