The Brewery

Shoeless Brewing Co. history isn’t a long one, but it is inspired by over 25 years of home brewing mixed with the continued inspiration for always wondering how much farther beer can be taken. Opening in August of 2015, Shoeless is the smallest brewery in the Upstate, SC area, which normally isn’t a bragging right but in this case we think it should be. We are also the largest home-brew store in the Upstate.

Our beginnings are humble and keep the brewery grounded to what it is the craft beer drinkers of the area want. When you come in and share a beer with us, you’ll find we pick your palette so we can better understand how you think this beer could be better. Each one of our beers go through this process whereby the Greenville craft beer community gets a say in how our beer is made and what it will taste like when it’s done.

So come on in and try a pint and tell us what it is you think would be a perfect beer.